Most organizations understand how important the right culture is, but unfortunately, few understand how to define, build or sustain it. Because of this, organizational culture is often left to evolve on its own. Through our Cultural Alignment Assessment, PeopleWorks can solidify your company’s culture as a hard corporate asset that drives results in the future.

What’s The Goal?

Our primary goal is to improve the 5 Culture Leading Indicators (CLIs):

  •     Organizational Perspective
•     Organizational Values       
•     Leadership Behavior         
•     Work Systems                     
•     Work Practices                   

Companies Where Our Practice Has Made a Difference

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We start by assessing your current organizational culture with tools created by PeopleWorks: an electronic survey and on-site interviews.

With the results from the measurement phase, we identify and analyze the strengths and gaps in your culture, and determine areas of improvement.

Lastly, we present a customized executive summary. This actionable plan includes data-backed solutions to improve the 5 CLIs and create a competitive advantage.

The Results

       •     Accelerate revenue and profit

                          •     Increase productivity and performance

     •     Attract and retain top talent

•     Increase customer loyalty

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