Labor Relation Practitioners with Experience

With over 50 years of combined labor relations experience, our practitioners have never had a partner company seen the unionization of its employees. Our strategies prevent those situations from happening. If your company is lacking a labor relation specialist, PeopleWorks International can fill that void in your company.

PeopleWorks uses a customary tool called the Union Vulnerability Assessment (UVA) to begin our interaction with your company and its labor relations. Simplified, the UVA prioritizes three factors:

  1. The risk of your employees seeking union representation;
  2. The risk of union organizers targeting your business;
  3. The ability of your leaders to execute a “union-proofing” strategy.

A wholesome company requires cohesiveness and inclusion. A union organization immediately creates a barrier to this. It creates destructive cliques and disparaging secrecy within your company. A specialized, positive work culture consisting of mutual trust, safety, and fulfillment is the primary goal of positive labor relations.

Unions are put in place in order to ensure workers feel that they are being treated fairly. So, the first step in subverting the threat of a union is to make sure the workers know that they’re being listened to. To accomplish this, supervisors must be skilled at helping their employees meet goals and avoid morale problems; otherwise, union trouble becomes a risk.

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