The True Benefits to Engaging Your Workforce

An engaged and effective workforce is the lifeline of a healthy company. If your employees are attentive and responsive, your company’s ceiling will be exponentially higher when compared to a company with apathetic employees.

Since its founding in 2005, PeopleWorks International has seen that a company’s growth and success are directly affected by the status of its employees. How employees feel differentiates the top companies from the ones struggling to stay afloat. If the employees feel important, informed, and connected, then their company can see the following:

  • More Growth

  • Increased Productivity

  • Higher Profits

  • Better Safety

  • Less Absenteeism

  • Less Turnover

  • More Loyalty from Customers

An employee engagement strategy sits at the crux between a company missing its expectation and surpassing it. As a representative of their company, an employee reflects how their employers treat them. If the company has an effective employee engagement strategy, then the employee becomes a lighthouse in a storm, drawing in the best workers in their field. And so long as the employee engagement strategy is continued, there will be less turnover.

The employees who are committed to their company realize that the relationship with their employer is cyclical. If the employer appreciates its employees and helps them in the short- and long-term, then the employees will connect themselves to the company in recognition of the big picture.

If these criteria don’t match your workforce, you’re not alone. Gallup reports that an “Engagement Gap” exists with approximately 50 percent of Americans. Simplified, this means that 50 percent of American workers aren’t fulfilled by their job. This lack of fulfillment leads to a lack of productivity that costs US companies about $300 billion annually.

How can PeopleWorks International help with employee engagement?

The term ‘workforce’ is a generalization of distinctive individuals. So, one plan cannot fit every company’s employees. Partnered with over a decade of experience, PeopleWorks approaches this issue with the Employee Engagement Survey. This survey is used to locate the cracks in the company’s approach to its employees. Based on what it revealed, PeopleWorks then puts an employee engagement strategy into effect.

Look at the happiness of your employees as a mirror to your company and its future. If there is no joy, your company is headed on a downward path. But it’s not too late, PeopleWorks can come in and redirect you to the right path. Just call us at 800.505.3978 to begin employee engagement.

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