Executive Leadership Coaching at the Highest Level

Are your executives trained to maximize the value of your company? If you have any doubts, PeopleWorks can ensure that you’re getting the most from your executives through executive leadership coaching.

Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google, both believe that everyone needs a coach. Google reflected Schmidt’s stance and now has a Director of Executive Coaching and Leadership on staff.

The world’s greatest athletes reach their level of prominence through coaching and consulting. Tiger, Serena, Pelé, LeBron, Kobe. There’s a reason that these names cause you to imagine elite performance. Coaching and training led to meeting and exceeding their grandiose goals, and by continuing in coaching and training, they maintained their status among the greatest.

Coaching goes beyond the top athletes, too. Using basketball as an analogy, there are very few players that can will their way to a championship. Basketball, like any company, is dependent on everyone working together toward a shared goal. It’s common to see a team without an elite player make a run toward a championship. When you look at those teams, it’s because there’s a great coach who builds up his bench and ensures everyone on the roster plays to each other’s strengths.

The Real Benefits of Executive Leadership Coaching

Surveys of large companies show that 60 percent provide the type of leadership coaching we offer to managers and executives. Half of the remaining 40 percent plan on instilling that coaching within a year. PeopleWorks’ executive leadership training ensures that you’re at the top of that 60 percent.

If you don’t utilize leadership coaching, you’re going to have flaws in your executive system. These inevitable flaws keep the leaders from working to their full potential. Obviously, this leads to a negative impact on your company as a whole. The coaching provided by PeopleWorks aims to improve the long-term stability and growth of your company.

By identifying and leveraging the strengths of your executives and managers, we can eliminate their obstacles and help them to better collaborate with their colleagues (department leaders, strategy coordinators, project managers, clients, and whoever else is involved in your company).

The PWI Executive Coaching Process begins with a suite of assessment tools to help identify a leader’s strengths and gaps. The coach then works side by side with the leader to build an actionable Coaching Plan emphasizing FAST (frequently discussed, ambitious, specific, transparent) goals to ensure accountability and success.

PeopleWorks International’s executive leadership coaching helps your company reach and maintain an exceptional leadership system. We’re positive that we have the people you need to achieve success. Give us a call at 800-505-3978.

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