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Lean management is a strategy that affects almost every aspect of your company. It’s an internal philosophy, and when it’s implemented properly, it results in more educated employees, loyal customers, and more profitability. As a lean management practitioner, PeopleWorks can help your business instill this proven methodology.

To begin, a lean business focuses on eliminating three weights as defined by the Toyota Production System guide: overburden, unevenness, and waste.

Following that, waste is divided into seven categories:

  1. Defects
  2. Excess Motion
  3. Inappropriate Processing
  4. Overproduction
  5. Transporting
  6. Unnecessary Inventory
  7. Waiting

Toyota is the company that took these steps and constructed the lean philosophy out of it. Having worked with Toyota as an advisor, PeopleWorks has firsthand experience with the effectiveness with this strategy.

When you choose to improve your business, PeopleWorks comes in and does an onsite lean assessment of an area where you wish to eliminate waste. Once that lean assessment is finished, PeopleWorks creates a strategy that will aid you in gaining efficiencies, moving faster, saving money, serving your customers in a timelier and more effective fashion, etc.

Across all industries, lean management is one of the most proficient methods in reaching operational excellence and profitability. Due to the fluidity of the practice, it requires adjustments based on your company and industry. A lean business practitioner like PeopleWorks is able to step into your company and line out the roadmap for the changes, improvements, and efficiencies.

Our lean business consultants know this process goes further than the application of manufacturing and production. In all organizations, it begins with the people and the culture.

By working with the top companies that utilize lean business, PeopleWorks has observed that utilizing lean business practices have a foundational effect for creating happier customers. This leads to greater sustainability with long-term business partners and loyal customers. If your relationships with suppliers, resellers, distributors, and customers are strategically synchronized, you can utilize them to drive customer experience.

PeopleWorks has everything needed to maximize your efforts with lean business practices. If you’re ready to re-strategize your supply chain and eliminate extraneous costs, call PeopleWorks at 800-505-3978.

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