The Experience Behind the Company

  • Bob Briggs


    Before founding PeopleWorks in 2005, Bob Briggs had over twenty years of executive-level experience with highly successful Fortune 500 companies. He has been a member of the Executive Committee [...]

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  • Jeff Conley

    Senior Partner, Organizational Development

    At PeopleWorks, Jeff Conley oversees our Organizational Development Practice with over 20 years of executive leadership and senior consultant experience. As an executive Coach, he has orchestrated the improvement [...]

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  • Kent Eudy

    Senior Partner, Sales & Marketing

    As Practice Leader at PeopleWorks, Kent partners with senior leaders and their teams to assess, design and implement compelling growth strategies to assist organizations in attracting new customers and [...]

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  • Tom Longmire

    Senior Partner, Operational Excellence

    Tom oversees PWI’s Operational Excellence and Supply Chain practice with over 25 years of executive leadership team and senior practitioner experience. He has been successful in turning around struggling [...]

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  • Cynthia Culver


    Cynthia has over 16 years of executive coaching and professional counseling experience in a variety of forums working with corporate executives, entrepreneurs and individuals. She specializes in helping her [...]

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  • Matt Briggs

    Managing Director

    Matt has over ten years of leadership experience in fast paced, high production environments.  He has more than six years of strategic, operational and organizational consulting experience serving senior [...]

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  • Mike Dehn

    Senior Partner

    Mike has over thirty years of leadership experience in the consulting, medical, technology and health/wellness management industries. He has founded and/or served as CEO or Managing Partner of six [...]

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Business Management Consultants

A Brief History

Our history dates back to our founding in 2005 by CEO Bob Briggs, but our experience goes beyond; PeopleWorks’ team averages 20 years as practitioners/senior leaders. From our experience, we found the best way to find the cracks in your company’s foundation and we created tools to assist in that diagnosis.

PeopleWorks has noticed that, regardless of the task or industry, leaders and managers face the same challenges. Having worked with companies like Toyota, Coca-Cola, and EOG Resources, PeopleWorks is able to take proven tactics from each industry and apply it to the others. Following the old adage, PeopleWorks sees the forest for the trees, and we can pinpoint the weak trees and the strong ones, providing a fruitful result.

How do we help companies?

  • We instill a healthy culture built on trust and leadership.
  • We integrate systems that work toward more efficient business.
  • We ensure that all of your business is run by impassioned teams.
  • We make your company culture more attractive to employees and customers, thus retaining them longer and ultimately driving profitability and growth.
  • We drive innovation in your company, and that assists in profitability and client loyalty.

What is the vision of PeopleWorks?

PeopleWorks will be the most respected industry leader at building great organizations by helping them achieve excellence in the areas of people, customer, process, and profitability.

What is the mission statement of PeopleWorks?

We partner with organizations to help them sustain their definition of success and achieve a noble purpose.

What are the core values of PeopleWorks?

Love is instilled by PeopleWorks into its everyday work and circulated with everyone with whom we work. Love leads to honesty and trust in relationships, both personal and business.

Service to our clients is of the utmost importance to us. We are here to serve. Our goal is the knowledge that we will be there for our clients when they need us.

Pursuit of excellence in everything that we do. Be that in our communication, relationships, punctuality, and standards. We settle for nothing less than excellence. To quote a long-time client’s motto, “Pleased, but never satisfied.” Always striving toward that excellence.

In our actions, we believe social profit, the act of achieving a noble purpose for the greater good. This is a core belief of PeopleWorks International. We have set out to make a difference with our actions and we hope our clients can see the value of this as well.

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