Every organization, regardless of the product or service provided, should establish a comprehensive sales and distribution strategy. To develop this initial strategy, you first must have a benchmark. This allows you to identify strengths, gaps, and opportunities for improvement. Our Sales and Marketing Assessment creates a blueprint for maximizing sales and revenue potential while providing an excellent customer experience to the end user and distribution partner(s).

What Do We Evaluate?

Our Sales and Marketing Assessment begins with an analysis that establishes a baseline in terms of your organization’s current strategy and competitive position. This data-driven process allows us to generate an actionable plan for improvement.

We start with an evaluation of the various elements of your sales process. Although these critical topics are general in nature and not intended to be all-inclusive, the information gathered during the review process will act as a roadmap to significant improvement opportunities. We evaluate the following elements:

market opportunity     Market Opportunity

Sales Coverage     Sales Coverage

Distribution     Distribution

Sales Management     Sales Management

Customer Service and Support     Customer Service/Support

Discounting     Discounting

Financing     Financing

Sales Compensation     Sales Compensation

Pricing     Pricing

CRM System     CRM System

The Three Key Components

Our comprehensive Sales and Marketing assessment can be customized to best fit your organization’s needs based on industry, division, or location. However, the assessment typically consists of three components. The first component is an electronic survey of key personnel.
Next, we conduct an executive perspective and data analysis. The last component of the assessment is an onsite review.

Sales and Marketing Assessment Three Key Components

The onsite review process begins with a half to full day of discovery on each of the ten areas of review (5-10 days in total). This review is conducted by our Senior Partner and Practice Leader for Sales, Marketing and Customer Experience in conjunction with the appropriate management personnel from your organization.

How Can Your Organization Leverage Our Sales and Marketing Assessment?

Once the data is gathered and verified, an Executive Summary and detailed report will be generated to outline the current state, strengths to leverage, opportunities for improvement, and recommendations moving forward. At this time, we also provide an estimated timeline, specific deliverables, and cost structure. With this Executive Summary, your organization now has a customized sales and marketing strategy and a blueprint for maximizing sales and revenue potential.

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