One of the most rewarding business opportunities in 2019 is building a better customer experience. Customer experience (CX) is how people believe they are treated by a company.  In the future, CX will become increasingly important for businesses. CX will begin to outweigh quality and price as a major reason for purchasing.

Building a better customer experience will increase how much money customers spend with them (up to a 13% premium). It will also increase the duration and frequency of purchase. In short, it’s kind of a big deal.

But what is the quickest and most effective way to accomplish this? It’s simple: start with your employee experience.

The Employee Experience = The Customer Experience

To improve your CX, you first need to look at your employee experience. You must drive behaviors that will lead to an improved experience. Treating your employees as you would your best customer will create a customer-centric culture. This will encourage employees to treat customers just as you treat them.

Creating a Better Employee Experience

A better customer experience begins with a better employee experience. But how do you improve the employee experience?

It takes a significant amount of testing, analysis, and research to determine benchmarks, gaps, and strengths in your current employee and customer experience. This tracking takes expertise to complete efficiently and accurately. PeopleWorks has the expertise, experience, and custom tools to not only test and research data. We use this reporting to create and implement plans to improve experience from the ground up.

Working with Experts

To begin, PeopleWorks starts with a series of testing, research, and analysis of current customer and employee experiences. We then analyze the company’s strengths and weaknesses to create a custom playbook. Lastly, we design measurement processes, reporting systems, and customized models to improve the entire process end-to-end.

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