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The supply chain in your company is a collection of countless attributes, and if any one of them is misaligned, then there’s a domino effect. It is a spot where a minor issue can create a huge backup. Because of this, it needs constant monitoring, foresight, and adjustment. PeopleWorks acts as supply chain management practitioners to ensure that there are people on your staff that can manage the duties.

We start with our Supply Chain Excellence Assessment. Simplified, this assessment gives us a detailed view of your supply chain, and then we, as supply chain management consultants, can give you a list of the strengths and gaps. From there on, we help you use the strengths and eliminate the weak links in your chain.

PeopleWorks knows how critical it is to strategize for your supply chain, and that it must be implemented with a strong customer focus. As supply chain management consultants, we’ve seen that world-class enterprises with this customer-based approach experience greater sustainability. Core values centered on servant leadership throughout the supply chain drive long-term business partnerships and loyal customers.

While our approach to the internal cogs of supply chain management is centered on the proven lean management style, there are external factors that lean management does not account for. That’s where our addition as supply chain management practitioners really makes a difference.

In a global economy, supply chain—from raw material to final product delivery—consists of many moving parts; therefore, there is more room for error and delays. Complacency is a dangerous way to approach your supply chain. You always have to look for ways to adapt and fine-tune the process. PeopleWorks provides a second set of eyes as supply chain management consultants.

We can identify inefficiencies, assist in saving money, improve delivery time, and drive customer satisfaction. This is done using your external resources—strategic alliances with suppliers, resellers, distributors, and customers must be synchronized and leveraged to drive the customer experience; it cannot merely monitor the isolated performance of the upstream/downstream stakeholders.

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