The Deeper Importance of Organizational Culture

Organizational culture is a hard asset for businesses. Despite that, we see too many executives treat it as an abstract black-box. Because organizational culture can be tricky to define, it’s often left to evolve on its own. PeopleWorks can make a difference in your company’s culture. Using our proven tools and assessments, we can define it, measure it, analyze it, and improve it.

Organizational Change Video

Because organizational culture is, by nature, difficult to define, PeopleWorks undertakes the beginning of our consultation with our Culture Alignment Assessment. This multi-faceted assessment provides outstanding results.

To begin, we draw from three key data points: customer perspective, an online survey tool created by us, and (based on survey feedback) a set of interviews with a cross-section of employees.

The primary goal of PeopleWorks is to improve five Cultural Leading Indicators (CLIs):

  1. Organizational Perspective
  2. Organizational Values
  3. Leadership Behavior
  4. Work Systems
  5. Work Practices

The Culture Alignment Assessment allows us to establish a baseline by measuring those three data points. Once all of the data is compiled from our assessment, we get a solid picture of your culture, as opposed to just an idea. Using this quantifiable data, we present an executive summary of overall culture health, strengths and gaps, and recommendations that, if implemented, can solidify your culture as a hard corporate asset that drives results in the future.

The ultimate goal is to create an ongoing process that constantly improves the five CLIs and, in turn, results in a positive organizational culture. The benefits of a positive culture are innumerable. It results in the attraction and retention of top talent, stronger customer loyalty, an increase in innovation, growing revenue and profitability, and more.

Change is inevitable, and doing it the right way can lead to positive results. If you want your company to be more desirable by clients and employees, call PeopleWorks at 800-505-3978.

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