An Innovative Approach to Sales and Marketing

It is critical that every organization, regardless of the product or service they provide, develop and continuously evolve a comprehensive sales and marketing strategy.  This strategy must include several key components in order to maximize sales and revenue potential. It also must provide an excellent customer experience to the end user and distribution partner(s).

Are your current business practices optimized for growth?

1. Is your current market share acceptable and growing annually?

2. Is your gross profit margin on the sale of your products or services acceptable and growing annually?

3. Is the quality, productivity, and turnover of your Sales Force acceptable and improving annually?

If you answered no to any of the above questions, the experienced practitioners at PeopleWorks International can help you make the changes necessary to improve. Our Strategic Sales and Marketing Assessment measures your current strategy and identify strengths, weaknesses and gaps in terms of your competitive position. This data-driven process allows us to generate an actionable plan of improvements and recommendations moving forward.

The Benefits of a Strategic Sales and Marketing Strategy

Market leaders understand that successful strategies are built upon the appropriate key performance indicators (KPIs). The KPIs in our comprehensive assessment produce a solid blueprint for enhancing your sales and marketing strategy.

By gaining a better understanding of your current approach, we can provide insights and deliverables to ensure sustainable improvements. This better understanding can also reduce costs by removing the guesswork from future marketing efforts. In addition, retaining a previous customer is much more cost-effective than finding new customers.

PeopleWorks’ experienced practitioners will work with you to produce a customized roadmap that drives sales and increases market share. Our objective point of view and years of experience allows us to identify opportunities for better business outcomes. By strategically filling the gaps in your sales and marketing approach, we can help you obtain the optimal bottom line you seek.

What Are Our Capabilities and Areas of Expertise?

Strategic Marketing and New Business Opportunities

Market, Product & Competitive Research and Analysis

Customer Segmentation, Positioning and Branding

Go-To-Market and Channel Strategy

Pricing and Profitability Assessment

Sales Force Effectiveness and Performance Improvement

Customer Service Effectiveness and Performance Improvement

The strategic sales practitioners at PeopleWorks will measure your current approach, identify the strengths and gaps, and create a customized, data-driven solution to optimize your processes and increase customer satisfaction.

If you think your company could benefit from a robust sales and marketing strategy, call us at 800-505-3978, or fill out the contact form below.

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