Build a Strategy Based on Facts

When assessing one’s own company, there might inherent bias that may prevent certain details from being noticed. PeopleWorks International, as business assessment consultants, is that third party you’re searching for.

First and foremost is our Supply Chain Excellence Assessment. This assessment reveals a variety of components within your company: organizational core processes, key leadership, internal and external customer focus metrics, strategic suppliers, and production flow. Once these areas have been analyzed, our business strategy practitioners will convey key strengths along with opportunities for a specific action plan.

There are so many factors that go into your business. Factors that can help you grow and factors that can eat away at your employees and customer base. As business assessment consultants, PeopleWorks brings a set of tools and assessments that works in all departments.

With these tools, we measure and assess your company, then we identify your strengths and gaps. Our practitioners then provide prioritized recommendations for improvement. In this process, we go beyond a two-dimensional, black-and-white sketch of your company. Your company three-dimensional, fully-colored model revealing the strengths and weaknesses—what needs to be built and what needs to be eliminated.

What specifically do our tools accomplish, though? For simplification, there are four groups for these assessments. And, of course, these tools aren’t used alone. The results are analyzed by our business strategy consultants to create a better plan for your company.

In addition to the Supply Chain Excellence Assessment and the Culture Assessment PeopleWorks also offers the following assessments and surveys:

Organizational Development Assessments:

  • PXT Select ™ – Maximizes the usage of your workers by showing how well an employee will perform a job. This tool is a psychological assessment used for hiring, leadership development, coaching, team building and succession planning.
  • 360° Surveys – Customizable tool used in performance evaluation, leadership development, and team building.
  • Employee Engagement Survey – Created by us, this survey relays your company’s culture and how employees feel toward it. As part of our survey, we don’t just give you a report, we provide recommendations for strategic initiatives to enhance engagement.
  • Union Vulnerability Assessment ® – Shows three factors: risk of employees seeking union representation, risk of union organizers targeting your company, leadership’s ability to execute a “union-proofing” strategy.
  • Five Behaviors ™ – Based off of the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™, Evaluates the five-pillars of teamwork: trust, conflict, commitment, accountability, and results.


  • Customer Experience Assessment – Identifies and recommends customer initiative improvements.

Overall Business-based:

  • Total Company Assessment – Analyzes seven systems of high performance: leadership, customer & market focus, strategic planning, process management, IT & knowledge management, human resources, and results.
  • Manufacturing Quality Assessment – Establishes a baseline of current processes and performance around safety, quality, and efficiency; then it identifies the strengths and gaps benchmarked against world-class operations. Finally, it prioritizes recommendations for improvement.
  • Supply Chain Excellence Assessment – Constructs a complete picture of your company’s core processes, key leadership, internal and external customer focus metrics, strategic suppliers, and production flow.

These surveys are particularly designed to be taken by individuals or an entire business; employees, executives, or customers. The goal is to encompass everything about your company. This process is the start to a better business—contact PeopleWorks at 800-505-3978.

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