Now more than ever, it is crucial for both businesses and employees to work to implement a positive environment to improve the surrounding work culture and attitudes. How can we do this when many businesses have adjusted to being hybrid or completely remote? Creating employee engagement is beneficial to many companies across the board, especially those that don’t always meet in the offices. Continue reading to learn more about how the status of your employees can impact your business.

The Reflection

When the employee status is improved, both the employee and the business benefit. Comparing a top company to a struggling one, the employee’s feelings and outlook become a significant differentiator. As their engagement and mindsets begin to change for the better, you are soon able to see more growth, increased productivity, higher profits, less absenteeism, less turnover, better safety, and more loyal customers for your company. These results can be harder to accomplish with remote and hybrid businesses if the correct strategies are not being implemented.

The Challenge

Maintaining strong employee engagement while working in a hybrid or remote environment can be a challenging process. When creating employee engagement, similar principles apply, yet both leaders and employees might be failing to make sure it is being implemented and consistent across the board.

Hybrid and remote companies cannot afford to continue creating engagement the way they used to. It is crucial for both the companies and employees to listen to each other, take initiative, and adjust their strategies to ensure engagement is fitting to the current work environment.

The Importance of Creating Employee Engagement   

Other than benefitting the business itself, employee engagement is highly influential in each individual’s work environment and feelings. This process increases the relationship, appreciation, the sense of importance and helps the individual feel more informed and connected. Employee engagement is determined by how much the individual is committed to supporting the business achieve its goals, no matter if it is on-site or remote.

If your business is experiencing an impact of the great resignation, you are not alone. There are many ways to increase employee engagement and adjust it to fit your environment, such as engaging with others, creating goals, recognizing others’ work, and more. By doing this, both employees and businesses will notice a change. It is important to recognize that all engagement strategies may not be effective for you and your company. Adjusting and exploring new strategies will be beneficial in learning which practices are able to create a better work environment for employees and leaders.

How can PeopleWorks Help?

At PeopleWorks International, we can help with creating employee engagement and approaching the issue with the Employee Engagement Survey, which locates the cracks in the company’s approach to its employees, allowing us to put an employee engagement strategy into effect.

In addition to the surveys, our team does extensive research to find the best practice, as well as benchmark other organizations to determine what is working best. We are then able to provide those solutions and ideas to our clients. To learn more about our process, visit our website today.

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