What it Means to Have Healthy Workplace Culture

Workplace culture may seem unrelated to overall business performance, but studies show that culture is actually a key factor in company productivity. Studies show that a negative culture can have many consequences for a business.

When a company has a positive working culture, they often experience many benefits such as, employee retention, productivity levels, decreased hiring costs, and decreased time lost in inefficient processes.

Do you have concerns but are unsure of where to start in improving your workplace culture?

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Workplace Culture Assessment

Our process in improving workplace culture begins with a measurement phase. In this phase a PeopleWorks Culture Change consultant will measure and analyze the current state of your organization’s culture. The next phase is our assessment phase, where a consultant will identify areas where growth opportunities may exist using our Culture Alignment Assessment.

After gathering this data, we work hands-on with your business to create a custom plan that includes your workplace culture’s weaknesses, strengths, and goals to achieve a more positive working environment.

How to Strengthen Workplace Culture

Changing workplace culture can seem like an impossible task, especially when you don’t know where to begin. However, PeopleWorks is there with you for every step, and our experts have years of experience in improving culture for many different top companies. To learn more on where to start, contact a PeopleWorks Culture Change consultant at 800-505-3978 or fill out the form below.

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