Culture Health- It Matters

As a consulting firm, we see far too many business leaders and executives ignoring their organization’s culture health. This may be because many people still see organizational culture as abstract, or one size fits all. At PeopleWorks, we know this is not the case and we have many tools available to help your business better understand its organizational culture to help improve its health.

Culture health is important because organizations with a negative culture often struggle with an individualistic mindset among employees, decreased efficacy, and end up having to pay higher costs. On the other hand, companies with a positive and healthy culture experience improvements in employee retention and turnover rates, as well as increased production rates. In conclusion, there is always room for growth. Nothing ever stays the same.

Culture is so important- but where do you start? Attempting to change a company’s culture is a difficult task, however, our consultants are experts and are here to help you and your business. 

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Organizational Culture Survey

Our Culture Alignment Survey examines an organization’s current health state to determine the best methods moving forward to optimize a work environment.

We understand that every business and their culture is different, which is why our survey is broken down to improve five Culture Leading Indicators.

  1. Organizational Perspective

  2. Organizational Values

  3. Leadership Behavior


  1. Work Practices

  2. Work Systems

How to Strengthen Organizational Culture

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