Successful companies are built through the creation of intelligent, passionate, and dedicated employees. Those who believe in their mission and are confident in their skills will innovate new concepts and motivate their colleagues. Unfortunately for many, this does not come naturally. Success in an individual role does not mean that they will become leaders. Leadership takes training, practice, and consistency. How does one provide these actions to employees? Leadership consulting companies are your solution to providing leadership skills and opportunities to the potential leaders in your company. Through honest evaluation, direct feedback, and a plan of action, a company and those within it, can improve together.

Honest Evaluations

One of the first benefits of using leadership development companies is their ability to provide honest evaluations. In-house assessments can often be hindered by past experiences, negative emotions, or an unwillingness to cause strife in an office. By using leadership consulting companies, employers receive an in-depth third-party review of their current practices.

Direct Feedback

Many companies have valued employees that have been successful with their role in the company. However, when they are moved into leadership positions, they fall short. This is little fault of their own simply because their organization did not give them the tools and training to help them build upon their existing skillsets.

PeopleWorks has a suite of assessments and survey tools to provide direct feedback to leaders. Some tools we use include:

  • 360-degree surveys
  • PXT Select behavior assessment
  • Team health assessments such as The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team
  • Culture Alignment Assessment

Plan of Action

Evaluations and feedback only go so far; there must be a plan of action to create improvement. PeopleWorks has several methodologies to help leaders build actionable plans, then execute on them. As a leadership consulting company, we offer services such as:

  • Leadership coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Leadership development training
  • Developing a succession readiness process.

We take the steps below to provide organizations with a detailed plan of action to improve success and productivity.

  1. Measure/assess/evaluate
  2. Provide direct feedback on strengths, weaknesses
  3. Provide recommendations on a plan of action forward

By working together, the organization’s potential leaders will be coached on how to spark passion and innovation.

PeopleWorks International

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