Customer Experience Strategy

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Customer Experience Strategy




More than ever, management is challenged to ensure customer strategies are in place to consistently deliver higher levels of service that increase customer satisfaction. Yet most are unable to isolate where and how best to exceed customer expectations that will build loyalty.  In fact our research continually points to poor performance outpacing any form of excellence in service. 

Customer Puzzle

To sustain a customer-focused culture, management must direct continuous improvement efforts toward processes that positively support Customer Experience Management, Service Excellence and Performance Measurement.

PeopleWorks has the professional talent and proprietary tools to build and sustain customer loyalty. Our capabilities and areas of expertise include:

Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty Improvement

  • Customer research and performance tracking systems
  • Service excellence improvement diagnostic
  • Customer experience management strategy “playbook”

Customer Experience and Employee Engagement

  • Customer vulnerability assessment
  • Engagement measurement and gap-analysis 
  • Customer touch points re-engineering

Customer Performance Measurement

  • Audits and decision-support improvements
  • Measurement process design and reporting systems
  • Customized models and customer loyalty driver-analytics

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