Talent Management



World-class enterprises position human resources as a key component of their strategic plan. Competitive advantage in today’s knowledge economy is driven by attracting, motivating, growing and keeping a productive, engaged workforce with the right talent in the right position at the right cost. At PeopleWorks we focus on driving business results through a high-touch, strategic human resources process including integrated talent management, recruitment, workforce performance and learning capabilities.

Although it seems obvious that strong leadership is critical to enterprise success, research indicates that only 18% of Human Resource professionals claim sufficient bench strength to meet their organization’s future needs. Furthermore, only 44% report having a formal process for identifying employees with leadership potential. This is particularly disturbing given research that indicates that businesses with strong leaders are 13 times more likely to outperform their competition, and three times more likely to retain their key employees.

PeopleWorks specializes in developing a talent management strategy linked to the business strategies and mission of the enterprise. We work with our clients to enable them to make informed staff decisions and execute effective plans for development, measurement, and accountability. We provide strategic focus on tailored, sustainable talent management solutions with innovative approaches to alignment, sourcing, succession planning, performance management, and workforce engagement.

Our team of talent management experts are seasoned veterans that average over twenty years of experience and are top leaders in the talent management field. Addressing the challenges of diversity, cultural, and demographic changes in today’s more mobile workforce requires the experience and expertise PeopleWorks can bring to your team. We deliver an understanding of workforce complexity, diversity, and innovative paradigms that unlock value and drive productivity.

Measuring organization alignment is one of the most powerful mechanisms for improving productivity, communication, and efficiency across the enterprise. Our organization alignment tool provides top executives with an overview of their key leadership team’s overall strengths and areas for improvement, and then takes it a step further by verifying their alignment with the organization’s vision, mission, purpose, and strategic goals. This information is essential when planning organizational goals, contributing purpose, clarity, and certainty.

We help our clients reduce costs and improve efficiencies for administrative processes through transforming your back-end transactional processing capabilities into a strategic service delivery model. Contact PeopleWorks today at 800-505-3978 to learn more about how we can help your company attract and keep exceptional talent and transform your workforce into an engaged, agile, cross-functional, high-performance team that delivers world-class performance and profitability.