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Executive Coaching



Do you think your business can benefit from executive coaching? Even star athletes use coaches to help them reach a higher level of performance. In the same way, companies benefit from executive coaching to help ignite passion, innovation, and performance that will spread throughout the organization. Industry surveys indicate that nearly 60 percent of large organizations currently offer leadership coaching to their managers and executives, with another 20 percent indicating they plan to offer executive leadership training in the next year.

How your managers and executives perform and hold themselves can have a large impact on your company. By choosing to implement career coaching for your staff, you are also making an investment in the long-term strength of your company with the guidance of competent and confident managers. Giving the leaders of your company executive leadership training to help them manage others successfully can be what sets your business far apart from your competition. Having good structure and organization within a company is a must, and it starts with capable executives.

PeopleWorks International has an exceptional coaching program that is designed to accelerate development of a leader in support of the organization’s succession planning. During this process, we will identify the strengths of the leader that can be leveraged to improve effectiveness as well as address the gaps that would create obstacles to achieving optimal performance and advance to higher levels of responsibility.

Our coaching services at PeopleWorks International ensure alignment with organizational strategy and objectives while equipping executives to take on more challenging assignments. By equipping your executives with multiple ways to handle tasks, you’ll find that your company will run more smoothly and efficiently. The tools your executive coach provides will be invaluable when it comes to the productivity and success of your business.

Through initial assessments of the executive with proprietary PeopleWorks International instruments, we use these benchmarks to chart the long-term development plan using SMART goals. Accountability is a critical element of our executive training to ensure that the plan is executed and consistent progress is achieved.

Contact PeopleWorks International today at 800-505-3978 to learn more about how we can help your company achieve and maintain exceptional executive performance with our coaching services, allowing you to deliver world-class performance and profitability. We’re sure to have the right executive coach for your company, so get in touch with us to get started on executive coaching for your staff.