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Employee Engagement



At a time when companies are asked to increase performance and profits in the face of cost cutting, having an engaged and effective work force has never been more vital to your bottom line. PeopleWorks International of Dallas, TX has more than a decade of research has revealed that unlocking the productivity of a highly engaged work force differentiates the world-class companies from poorly performing enterprises. Studies show how growth, productivity, profitability, safety, absenteeism, turnover, customer loyalty, and other key metrics are improved with a high level of workplace engagement. 

Gears croppedEngaged employees are passionate about their work, feel empowered, valued, respected, and connected to their employer and their associates. They are advocates of their company and consequently will exert exceptional discretionary effort to further the goals and performance of the company. They understand the importance of giving their all to the company, as it is a reflection of not only them, but of a bigger picture of what they belong to.

If this doesn’t describe your employees, you are not alone. Unfortunately, according to Gallup, an “Engagement Gap” currently exists where roughly 50 percent of all working Americans are not fully engaged or are disengaged, which costs US businesses an estimated $300 billion a year in lost productivity. PeopleWorks International specializes in assisting companies of all sizes in building a culture of high performance and profitability by using an employee engagement strategy. Like any other key business indicator, you must measure it if you want it to drive performance outcomes. The PeopleWorks International Employee Engagement Survey will provide a baseline assessment that will define the organizational strengths and gaps that will lead to an effective employee engagement strategy.

If your organization is lacking a clearly defined staff engagement strategy, you are destined to fall short of the performance and profitability of highly engaged work forces. Change the fate of your company by taking the right step towards improving employee motivation. What would the effect on profitability for your company be if you could cut down turnover, improve productivity, lower absenteeism, reduce accidents, and enhance customer loyalty?

Contact PeopleWorks International today at 800-505-3978 to learn more about our affordable online Employee Engagement Survey and how we can help your company build a culture of highly engaged, productive work forces that deliver world-class service. To ensure your company’s productivity sees marked improvement employee engagement is a must, so get in touch with us now. Our Dallas, TX location is where we house our experts and training webinars.