A solid sales and marketing method is the lifeblood of any business, regardless of product, service, or market. And we’ve never encountered a business that didn’t need any kind of sales improvement method in their process. 

Here at PeopleWorks, we focus on how well your sales and marketing processes are optimized for growth. We hone in on your current market share; your gross profit margin or your sales; and the quality, productivity, and turnover of your sales force. This allows us to understand whether or not those areas are acceptable and/or improving at a solid rate. We follow our proven process for analyzing these factors in your business and find a sales improvement method that works.

The 10+ Point Assessment

Our first step is to administer a 10-15 point Sales & Marketing Assessment that uncovers the underlying and often unseen issues in your current sales and marketing process. We customize the assessment based on your industry, division, and location. It covers the following points and many more:

1. Market Opportunity

2. Distribution

3. Sales Management

4. Sales Compensation

5. Customer Service & Support

We analyze these factors, along with about 10 more, using the following data collection methods: an electronic survey, executive perspective and data analysis, and an onsite review with key sales figures and personnel. The assessment process typically takes less than 2 weeks to conduct. After that, we move into the analysis stage.

Analysis and Reporting

Once we have the data in hand, our team undergoes heavy strategic analysis to understand the key strengths, opportunities, and components of your sales strategy. We look at what your strategy is missing as well as what’s already implemented but could be built upon. Our team of experts is well versed in finding and understanding absent or neglected areas of your sales and marketing strategy. The report we deliver focuses on the areas of improvement that will produce the most impactful results in the least amount of time. We recommend action steps on the key areas that will drastically improve sales performance, create more leads, and close more deals.

Beyond the Assessment

PeopleWorks can diagnose the key areas that need improvement and provide a roadmap for the next steps. After our diagnosis, we’re able to partner with your organization to help implement the sales improvement methods we recommend and make sure the changes stick. 

And, our methods work. After implementing our recommendations, many of our industry-leading clients still continue to see rapid growth years later. Our implementation techniques stand the test of time.

If you’re ready to find a sales improvement method that works, contact PeopleWorks International today.

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