Did you know your hiring process could be hurting your culture? You are likely missing a lot of red flags in candidates because traditional processes lack the capabilities to detect them. A wrong hire could lead to a workforce of disengaged employees, which in turn causes weakened culture and decreased profits. The solution for ensuring your next hire is a good fit is by using the accurate, objective, and reliable data of PXT Select™. Learn more about this solution and how it can enhance your culture one hire at a time to drive results.

What is PXT Select™?

PXT Select™ Talent Management Solutions helps organizations worldwide hire smarter through scientifically-based assessments. Not only do their assessments help you find good talent, they also help you retain and engage your current workforce. Whether you are filling an open role, designing effective teams, identifying talent gaps, or developing your leaders, PXT Select™ can assist. The experienced practitioners at PeopleWorks International utilize PXT Select™ to help you understand your potential hires and employees on a deeper level. They offer a suite of innovative technology to provide actionable data that improves your workforce. PXT Select™ is a great tool for the following areas:

  • Hiring/Selection
  • Leadership Development
  • Team Building
  • Coaching
  • Succession Readiness

What benefits does it provide?

Through assessments such as PXT Select™, PeopleWorks partners with organizations like yours to increase your team performance and workplace harmony, improve relationships among coworkers, and guarantee that employees are in the right roles. Also, our services help reduce employee turnover and save your company time and money. (According to Gallup, “the cost of replacing an individual employee can range from one-half to two times the employee’s annual salary — and that’s a conservative estimate.”) By using the data from PXT Select™, you are setting your company up for success. To clarify, an engaged workforce creates a high-performing culture that drives results.

How does culture drive results?

It’s important to have a hiring process in place that finds the right employees that fit your culture. Even if potential have the necessary talent and experience, if they are misaligned with organizational values and processes, they can harm the bottom line. Disengaged employees are low-performing and weaken your culture, leading to decreased productivity and reduced profits. On the other hand, employees who are engaged are often high-performing, and that translates to a 19% increase in productivity in some cases. Maximizing your organization’s recruitment processes translates to better business outcomes. Likewise, PXT Select™ addresses your hiring and retention challenges and will enhance your culture one hire at a time.

PeopleWorks International is an authorized partner of PXT Select™. Using this tool, we help refine your hiring processes and evaluate your workforce engagement. If you’re interested in hiring smarter or strengthening your culture, contact us today.

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