An organization’s most valuable asset is its employees and all the skills, knowledge, and strengths that come with them individually and blend collectively. Hiring the right people for the job and your company culture is essential to setting your business on a successful path. However, your hiring process could be counterintuitive to this process. Traditional methods are not holistic and often cause organizations to overlook well-matched candidates for ones that will be less beneficial to the company in the long run. You can combat this by learning how to become a PXT organization and implementing the PXT values throughout your hiring processes.

What Is A PXT Organization

A PXT organization focuses on hiring employees through a more holistic, 360-degree approach. PXT Select is a comprehensive, “full person” psychological assessment conducted to measure if an individual candidate will fit into specific jobs in a company and just how well. The PXT framework assesses prospective employees’ cognitive ability, thinking style, behavioral traits, and interests. These results can help hiring managers see the candidate in a new light and help them dive more profound during the interview process.

How PXT Select Can Help an Organization

Implementing PXT Select provides organizations with actionable objective data about potential hires. It simplifies and standardizes the interview process, allowing you to maximize your time with the candidates. PXT organizations are equipped with straightforward information about the candidate and intuitive questions. They can often see what candidates’ impact on workplace situations is like – whether they will be a good fit. Ultimately, this makes the hiring and onboarding process much smoother and can save money, time, and the disruption of making bad hires.

Implementing a PXT Select Product

A PXT Select product can help you maximize the usage of your workers when hiring, developing, coaching, team building, succession planning, and training new leaders and leadership skills. The Leadership Report tool in the PXT Select product package can provide an organization with critical insight into a prospective employee’s leadership potential and their approaches to future challenges. It gives insight into the six essential leadership skills and how to capitalize on a candidate’s strengths while improving their areas of weakness.

Implementing such a product can direct employees’ personal development and education, as well as impact team-building exercises. It can help any company select team members more carefully. It utilizes newfound knowledge of the talents and abilities each employee can contribute. PXT also provides more in-depth knowledge of personalities that will work optimally in a group and who have the skill set to lead each team. This tool is invaluable, as it helps you place the right people in the right places – your turnover will fall, and employee satisfaction and productivity will rise.

How PXT Select Can Meet Your Needs

Are you a company seeking to hire the best candidates who will fit into your teams and company culture as seamlessly as possible? PXT Select is here to help! Our approach to hiring helps make the hiring process and its surrounding decisions more uncomplicated and intelligent. We will guide you through the hiring process with our PXT Select system filling the gap between the resume and the interview. Contact PeopleWorks International today to learn about our services and inquire about our PXT Select program and how it can benefit your organization!

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