The leaders and employees at your organization drive your success. If they are not performing well, your company’s performance could suffer. This is why it is essential to focus on developing your people, in turn accelerating your organization’s performance and ultimately leading to better business incomes. So, how do you invest in developing your employees and leaders? At PeopleWorks, we offer a suite of assessments and tools aimed at doing just this. Keep reading to learn why your organization should invest in organizational development assessments.

Data-Backed Strategy 

The purpose of our assessments is to help companies assess and benchmark their current organizational development strategies and answer the questions: where is the business going and what people, talents, and skills do they need to get there?

We gather insights through our organizational development assessments and create a data-backed strategy for achieving organizational effectiveness and operational excellence. At PWI, we help you give your employees and leaders individual-focused assessments to help them develop their skills, identify areas for improvement, and reach their full potential. PWI has the resources to set a solid foundation for sustainable growth, whether it’s on an organizational, team, or individual level.

Assessments Offered

You might be wondering what kinds of assessments we offer to improve your employees’ and leaders’ performance, as well as your overall culture and organizational health. Here are a few examples of our organizational development assessments:

  • Culture Alignment Assessment – A multifaceted tool that measures three different data points. After analyzing the results, we recommend improving the five Culture Leading Indicators to build a more positive company culture. 
  • Five Behaviors® of A Cohesive Team– This assessment evaluates the five pillars of teamwork: trust, conflict, commitment, accountability, and results.
  • Employee Engagement Survey – This survey relays how employees feel about your company’s culture. Since we created this survey, we don’t just give you a report; we also provide recommendations to enhance engagement. 
  • PXT Select™ – A psychological assessment that maximizes the usage of your workers by showing how well an employee will perform a job. This tool is used for hiring, leadership development, coaching, team building, and more.
  • 360° Surveys – Customizable tool used in leadership development, performance evaluation, and team building.

Listed above are just a few of our many assessments that can strengthen your business performance quickly and cost-effectively. After these assessments, we can recommend programs and strategies to best support your organization’s overall business objectives. Then, we can help build and implement the processes and skills in the strategy. Check out our organizational development assessments page to see all of the resources we offer or contact us today to get started on taking your organization to the next level.

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