In any business or industry, conducting a sales and marketing assessment is critical to developing successful growth strategies. A sales assessment can help find weak points or holes in your current processes, hone in on your niche, or discover new markets. A successful marketing system can help achieve business goals, improve targeting, maximize return on investment, improve sales, increase brand awareness, and build customer loyalty. Read on for tips on how a sales and marketing assessment can help improve your business strategy!

What is the PeopleWorks Sales and Marketing Assessment?

An assessment is an individualized, comprehensive review of your company’s industry, personnel, data, current strategies, and other components that affect sales. At PeopleWorks, our process includes three components. The first component is an electronic survey of crucial personnel. Second, we conduct an organizational perspective and data analysis. The final step is an onsite review of 5-10 days of specialized research and insight by our Senior Partner and Practice Leader.

How a Sales and Marketing Assessment Improves Strategy

After conducting the marketing assessment, we send a detailed report to your team about the current situation, strengths to leverage, opportunities for improvement, and specific, achievable recommendations for the future. We provide an estimated timeline, clear deliverables, the cost structure of your new marketing and sales strategy, and a blueprint for maximizing sales and revenue potential. More specifically, this assessment can help your company to:

1. Enhance Your Sales and Marketing Strategy

Our assessment identifies the key performance indicators (KPIs) to build a successful strategy and solid blueprint for your company’s future sales and marketing. We seek to understand your current approach to providing sustainable insights and deliverables, reducing costs, offering opportunities, and removing the guesswork from future advertising efforts. We work with you to produce a customized roadmap to retain previous customers, fill gaps in your current strategy, drive sales, increase market share, and obtain bottom-line results.

2. Improve Sales Recruiting, Selection, and Retention

Part of a PeopleWorks comprehensive marketing review is finding the right people to execute your new strategies. We can help you find the best fit for new positions with enhanced recruiting tools and expert advising that increase the likelihood of retention. Our PXT Select Talent Management solutions result in recruiting experts who contribute to a higher-performing work culture that drives results and business growth.

3. Drive Sales Performance with Sales Process Training

At PeopleWorks, we can help you educate and equip your employees with the necessary skills to achieve your new goals. Adequate sales team training is essential to the future success of your marketing strategy. Training ensures that the plan is executed accurately and promptly and that your team members are guided and instructed on ways to increase sales performance. Additionally, PeopleWorks can help you select and implement new CRM software or optimize your current software to drive results.

How PeopleWorks Can Help?

If you are looking for a sales and marketing assessment to improve your sales and marketing strategy in the future, look no further than PeopleWorks! Our experienced team can help your business find the optimal path forward to increase sales and further your position in the industry. Visit our website to check out our service offerings, or contact us today!

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