A company’s leaders act as the very pillars of an organization. Without them, the whole thing would fall apart. Therefore, it’s important for companies to invest in leadership development programs and leadership assessment tools. By offering these tools and programs to your leaders, you are able to accurately assess what areas someone thrives in, and where they may need help.

Keep reading to learn more about the PeopleWorks approach to leadership coaching and development in the workplace so that your organization is set up to reach its full potential.

What Makes a Great Leader

A great leader embodies the organization’s vision, sets an example for other employees to follow, and knows how to coach and mentor others. However, not all leaders are given the proper tools and resources to help them step into their power. In fact, a survey conducted by the National Center for the Middle Market found that while many leaders said they were confident in their ability to identify their best performers, they also stated low confidence in succession planning, developing high performing teams, and other vital leadership skills.

PWI’s Leadership Development Tools

PeopleWorks’ leadership assessment tools can help your leaders feel more confident in their abilities to perform. For most organizations, we recommend two different assessments. These assessments are the PXT Select ™ and 360° Surveys.

  • PXT Select ™ –  This is a great tool to use in broader leadership development, team building and succession planning.
  • 360° Surveys – These surveys are completely customizable, which is why they are proven to work for all kinds of businesses. They work by providing employee feedback from multiple sources and can be used in performance evaluations, leadership development, and team building.

Another leadership assessment tool the PeopleWorks project managers use is following the Leadership Potential Validation Process (LPVP). This involves ensuring organizational acceptance through sharing the same management vision. The data collected from these tools are all used to create individualized plans to further develop a company’s leaders.

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