Effective leadership is essential to building a healthy workplace culture. If you are searching for ways to redefine or hone your organization’s culture and are wondering how does leadership influence organizational culture?, then you may benefit from working with a PeopleWorks consultant.

What Does a Healthy Culture Look Like?

While most organizations understand the importance of culture, many will also admit that they do not know how to change it. This is because, by nature, an organization’s culture is difficult to define. Something that is difficult to define is hard to change, but not impossible. Especially with the right help. Using our proven suite of tools and assessments, PeopleWorks can define, measure, analyze and improve your company’s culture.

Organizational culture is an important deciding factor for whether a business with succeed, or if they will fail. A healthy culture has been studied to have more engaged employees, higher profits, increased productivity, and lower turnover. Most healthy cultures stem from strong executive leaders, which is why this is one of the first steps our project managers will take when assessing your culture.

How Does Leadership Influence Organizational Culture?

By utilizing our Leadership Coaching Process, our team will work alongside your executives and other leaders to help them discover their strengths and areas of improvement.

Organizational leaders are vital players to an organization’s culture because they hold others accountable, while simultaneously reinforcing company values. A good culture starts at the top, and a company leader who has worked with a PeopleWorks’ leadership coach will be equipped with the right tools to know when and how to reinforce these values.

The Next Steps

After our project managers have helped answer the question of how does leadership influence organizational culture, we can work together to decide where your organization may need guidance. Whether you are looking for coaching on how to strengthen leaders, culture, or both, we can work with you to build a customized plan of action.

For example, to improve an organization’s culture, we use the PWI Culture Alignment Assessment.

The primary goal for this assessment is to:

  • Assess
  • Measure
  • Benchmark
  • And understand the culture’s current state

Once the assessment is complete, we will have enough data to create a clear picture on your culture’s current standing, and ways to improve. Then, using this quantifiable data, we will begin to identify strengths and gaps, and then propose solutions to strengthen, sustain, or change your organization’s culture.

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