Why Do You Need Leadership Coaching?

Whether you’re a future-leader, mid-level manager, or a senior executive, here at PeopleWorks, we strongly believe that everyone can benefit from leadership coaching.

We have the data to prove the growing need for executive coaching. Surveys show that 60 percent of large companies provide their executives with leadership coaching. Out of the 40 percent who said they did not currently offer leadership coaching, 20 percent stated they planned on instilling some form of coaching within the next year.

Therefore, that leaves only 20 percent of large companies who currently do not offer and are not planning on offering leadership coaching to their business executives.

Join the movement and get the most from your high-potential business leaders.

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Executive Coaching: Our Process

We act as trusted advisors to help get leaders where they want to go, whether it’s learning a new skill, taking on new opportunities, or managing growth, PeopleWorks is here to help.

Our Leadership Coaching Process begins with multiple assessments designed to accelerate development and continual growth.

A PeopleWorks’ executive coaching consultant then will work alongside the leader to create one of our custom Coaching Plans. This plan ensures that goals are being met by the leader to eliminate any challenges they may face and to increase collaboration between the leader and their colleagues.

Executive Coaches Dallas: Find A Consultant Near You

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