Change management for business requires attention to detail, communication, motivation, foresight, and more. It’s like Connect the Dots—if you mistime or misalign the connection of one dot to another, you don’t reach the desired outcome. What problems can cause losses for your company?

Mistake: Leaders don’t buy into the full scope of change management.

Baseball is a good example of this: it’s a sport being adjusted internally because teams have begun to find innovative, statistically-driven approaches. The Cubs went from basement-dwellers to World Series Champions because the General Manager (Theo Epstein) implemented a new system based on informed and data-driven analyses. The manager (Joe Maddon) embraced this new method and leveraged his players’ strengths. As a result, they won it all.

When company leaders embrace change, they open the door for endless possibilities.

Mistake: Inattentiveness toward change management.

Just because everyone buys into the strategy doesn’t mean they’re paying close attention to the details. All it takes is one failure to create a snowball rolling downhill.

Let’s say you own a packing company, and you take on a new supplier for your boxes. You agree with the company on the size of the boxes; they’re going to be 15×20. When the boxes arrive, they’re not the right size, because the new supplier measures in centimeters and not inches.

No one took the initiative to make sure everything was perfectly laid out. Now, your orders have to be pushed back and you have to pay for the extraneous boxes. Change management for business requires having people in place who know the proper steps when it comes to implementing changes. 

Mistake: Lack of foresight with change management.

A great strategy works until it doesn’t. Businesses always need to be on the lookout for changes on the horizon. Even pirates realized this–that’s why their ships had crow’s nests.

If you work in the steel industry and a large portion of your clients are international, are you ready for changes in the economic climate? Do you have someone in place to keep an eye on the effects of a new tax or tariff? Is your team prepared to make adjustments to minimize the ripple-effect on your company?

PeopleWorks International has the experts to help make sure change management happens smoothly for your business. Our knowledge and experience will prepare you for the situations you predict for the future, but more importantly, we will have you prepared for the unexpected.

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