Culture Change



The relationship between your workforce and your management team is critical to the health and success of your organization. Companies where there is a well-defined and communicated vision, leadership that is trusted, an intentional strategy of attracting and developing talent, and a sharp focus on the customer will thrive in good times and bad and will outperform those who do not exhibit these characteristics of high-performance enterprises.  Companies that do not have these elements of a healthy company culture will be at risk of losing top talent, customers, and opening the door to unionization. 

Culture change is very difficult, requires a high level of skill and takes commitment from executive management.  PeopleWorks has a proven track record of helping companies build a culture where trusted management communicates effectively and leads highly-engaged employees in forming high-performance teams that are intensely focused on the customer and achieving results. 

Making Change StickOur proprietary process, appropriately called “Making Change Stick,” results in a change of heart and a change of mind in the way executives, managers and supervisors lead their teams and work together as a cohesive unit to break down silos. We focus on behavior change around seven core competencies.

Leaders who develop and demonstrate these skills consistently meet or exceed their goals and objectives. They develop the know how to create a high-performance environment within their teams. Recognizing and rewarding performance, developing and coaching talent, and establishing an accountability culture are vital steps in creating an engaged workforce that will achieve exceptional results.

Unfortunately, companies that invest in traditional management and supervisor training are almost always disappointed in the results. Despite their best efforts, behavior just doesn’t change. Our “Making Change Stick” methodology ensures that leaders learn new skills and are held accountable to apply them effectively.

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