Labor Relations

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An important outcome of a healthy company culture is the avoidance of the threat of costly and intrusive union organization. Unskilled supervisors who have difficulty meeting goals and objectives create morale problems for the organization, and increase the risk of union trouble. The key to positive labor relations is creating a culture of respect, safety and mutual trust.  When employees trust management, feel appreciated, empowered, and have access to the resources necessary to perform their job effectively, risk of unionization is negligible. 

Understanding the concerns of your workforce is critical in your Negotiationsdefense against union organization. Companies must be acutely aware of external threats in and around your facility.  Leaders are often oblivious to or in denial about unresolved issues that produce morale problems if not resolved immediately.

Our proprietary Union Vulnerability Assessment (UVA) measures:

  • Risk of your employees seeking union representation
  • Risk of your business being targeted by union organizers
  • Your leadership’s capability of executing a “union-proofing” strategy

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PeopleWorks provides our clients with a clear, proven road map to “union-proof” their organization by building an engaged, high-performance team of associates that renders a labor union irrelevant.

  • Union-proofing Strategies
  • Union Crisis Management
  • Compliance Strategies
  • Strike Management
  • Union Contract Negotiations
  • Union relations Transformation

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