When company culture is weak, the whole business suffers. Often, a lack of culture and core values can lead to individualistic mindsets among leadership and employees, reduced efficiencies, and higher costs. A business culture assessment can help determine the health of your company culture and highlight ways to improve it. Keep reading to learn what to expect from an assessment and how PeopleWorks can turn your company culture into a competitive advantage.

What is a Business Culture Assessment?

This evaluation is based on data and measurement to get a full picture of company culture, not just an idea. To start, we draw three key data points:

  • Your leadership team perspective
  • Prior survey or engagement data the company has collected
  • An online survey tool (developed by PeopleWorks)
  • A group of interviews from a representative cross-section of the employees

Then, we take these measurements and establish a baseline of five Cultural Leading Indicators (CLI’s).

  • Organizational Perspective
  • Organizational Values
  • Leadership Behavior
  • Work Systems
  • Work Practices

The ultimate goal is to create a plan that will continue to improve these five CLI’s and, in turn, result in positive company culture. After all, the success and performance of a company is directly linked to the overall cultural health.

Real Results

After the completion of the business culture assessment, we have a solid picture of your culture backed by quantifiable data. We work with our clients to develop a plan to improve the overall cultural health of the company from redefining core values, restructuring leadership, or implementing new organizational tactics. This process has been proven to produce stronger customer loyalty, better employee retention, increases in innovation, growing revenue, and so much more. We want to give our clients long lasting results and the tools to continue improving their company culture long after we have completed our evaluation.

A Competitive Advantage

If your business is struggling to produce desired outcomes, it may be time to conduct a business culture assessment to turn company culture into a hard asset that produces real results. Contact PeopleWorks today and find out how we can help you become experts in improving your company culture.

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