Successful businesses are built on successful people. Leaders and employees alike need to be high-performing and focused to keep your team on track, otherwise your business as a whole can suffer. PeopleWorks offers a suite of organizational development tools to ensure the health of your business and help your employees reach their full potential. No matter what the needs of your business are, PeopleWorks has a variety of customizable tools for:

  • Hiring
  • Development and Team Building
  • Individual Leaders
  • Employee and Team Success
  • Job Matching
  • Team Performance
  • Identifying Future Leaders
  • ETC

Our assessments, surveys, and planning strategies are backed by data and have been optimized to achieve the greatest margin of success. Keep reading to find out more about our tools and how they can help your business achieve success.

Our Organizational Development Tools

Employee and Team Assessments: Our assessments analyze how your business runs and levels of performance. We collect data and analyze the results in order to provide recommendations and improve certain aspects of your business.

  • PXT Select™
  • 360° Feedback Survey
  • Everything DiSC®
  • Patrick Lencioni’s Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team®
  • Customer Service Profile

Employee Feedback Surveys & Assessments: As an organizational development tool, these allow employees to relay honest feedback about the company and business structure and how it impacts multiple aspects of their work. After a thorough analysis we present you with a report and provide recommendations for strategic initiatives to improve business and engagement.

  • Culture Alignment Assessment
  • Union Vulnerability Assessment®
  • Employee Engagement Survey
  • Operational Excellence Assessment

Planning Strategies and Development: Aside from our assessments and surveys, we offer training and management services to help develop your executive team’s leadership skills or improve internal structure.

  • Strategy Consulting
  • Training
  • Executive Coaching
  • Individual and Team Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Talent Management

Improve Your Organization with PeopleWorks

No matter what aspect of your business you want to improve, PeopleWorks has organizational development tools proven to make businesses more successful. To learn more about how our suite of assessments and tools can better your business, contact PeopleWorks at 800-505-3978.

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