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One of the greatest challenges that many business owners encounter is losing the ability to take a step back and objectively evaluate what is and isn’t working. This is why partnering with a third-party organization like PeopleWorks is so important. Our team of project managers offers an unbiased evaluation through a suite of tools including: data-backed surveys, business assessments, and more.

Keep reading to learn more about our process and the different ways our assessments can be used in all areas of a business.

Our Business Assessments

We offer a wide variety of assessments and surveys that cover every area a business may need help in. Whether it’s employee engagement, leadership development, or even change management, our assessments will allow us to identify key strengths and areas of improvement. By identifying these areas, we will then be able to create a personalized plan to implement new strategies that will re-align your business on the path to reaching new goals.

Some of our organizational development business assessments include:

  • Culture Alignment Assessment – In a business, culture affects everything from employee engagement, to sales and even revenue. This tool focuses on just three different data points. These points are then analyzed and used to provide recommendations for improving the five Culture Leading Indicators and building a more positive organizational culture.
  • PXT Select ™ – This tool is great to use early in the hiring process as it can predict how well an employee will perform a job. However, this tool can also be used in leadership development, team building and succession planning.
  • 360° Surveys – Completely customizable, these business assessments provide employee feedback from multiple sources and can be used in performance evaluations, leadership development, and team building.
  • Employee Engagement Survey – Created by PeopleWorks, this survey is used as a way to better understand how employees feel about your organization.
  • Union Vulnerability Assessment ® – This assessment gathers data to show if your organization is at risk of employees seeking union representation and how well your leaders are able to execute a “union-proofing” strategy.
  • Five Behaviors ™ – Based off of the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™, this assessment gathers data on your employees ability to use trust, conflict, commitment, accountability, and results to work as a team.

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