Supply Chain Management

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Supply Chain Management



Achieving operational excellence and profitability in a highly competitive and volatile economic environment requires efficient and effective management of the complex network of your extended enterprise. Beyond your internal resources, your strategic alliances with suppliers, resellers, distributors, and customers must be synchronized and leveraged to drive the customer experience, not merely monitor the isolated performance of the upstream/downstream stakeholders.

Supply chain management is a critical strategy that must be implemented with a strong customer focus.  World-class enterprises with this approach and core values centered on servant leadership from end-to-end of the supply chain consistently experience greater sustainability with long-term business partners and loyal customers. The methodology PeopleWorks uses focuses heavily on customer service.

The PeopleWorks proprietary Supply Chain Assessment SCM Gearsreveals a complete picture of an organization’s core processes, key leadership, internal and external customer focus metrics, strategic suppliers, and production flow. Once these areas have been analyzed, PeopleWorks conveys key strengths and opportunity areas with a specific action plan for improvement.

PeopleWorks will assist in creating net value, efficiency, and shorter cycle times while helping identify best-of-breed suppliers, information technology solutions, and tools for business process integration when necessary.

Contact PeopleWorks today at 800-505-3978 to learn more about how we can help your company build a customer-focused supply chain management strategy that produces collaborative participation, effective business process integration, eliminates unnecessary steps, controls costs, and delights customers.